Friday, September 2, 2011

What's a You and Me Doll?

You & Me Doll
I wanted to create something fun, huggable and comforting for kids. 
The design;
* It had to be sturdy yet soft. This doll is made to be napped with, held while you watch TV, sit on your lap at the airport- just what you'd expect a buddy to be. 80% sewn on the machine, the rest is by hand, no made in China here.

* A simple face so that you can make it your own.  

* I wanted the dolls to reflect their rag doll ancestors, so the arms, legs and face are cotton muslin. They also needed to embrace the present, so I gave them bright colored prints and extra long legs for attitude!

Just add . . . imagination
Next I'll introduce the dolls.

Hi! I'm Diane Eugster. I live in Las Vegas with my husband John and cat Ali. We don't really play slot machines but we do like to go to shows sometimes. I created You & Me Dolls in 2011, hope you like them. If you want to take one home check out the store.   Thanks, 

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  1. These are really cool, glad I had the opportunity to watch them being "born". Every morning for quite a while there would be a new little girl staring at me in the morning! Great work Di ;-)