Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More You & Me Dolls

Here are pictures and some words about three more You & Me Dolls-

This is Adrianna, she has a favorite indian print blanket that I always catch her taking out of the closet. She loves to wrap up in it and watch old westerns of TV
Adrianna - You & Me Doll

This is Ajay, her favorite past time is rolling down the hill in the backyard. 
She says it makes her dizzy but it's worth it.

This is You & Me Doll Amelia. She likes to watch herself doing Irish Step Dancing in the mirror.
 (She's not very good at it, but she looks really cute).

Hi! I’m Diane Eugster. I live in Las Vegas with my
husband John and cat Ali.  We don’t play slot
machines but we do like to go to shows sometimes. 
I created You & Me Dolls in 2011, hope you like them.  If you want to take one home check out the store. Thanks,

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