Monday, September 5, 2011

Here's The Dolls

I am really glad the pictures are done. In the beginning the poly-fil was flying as the girls all wanted to be first. By the end of the photo shoot the dolls where laughing and acting silly.
After the photo shoot

This is Allie. She is a blonde, doesn't pay a lot of attention to what she's doing, but she loves to collect rocks.

This is Abbey. One time she was almost attacked in the backyard by a lion so she is scared of cats. Maybe you could help her get over her fears. She likes to go on picnics.
This is Addie, she was the first You & Me Doll to have knee socks, she is very proud of that.
more dolls to come...
Hi! I'm Diane Eugster. I live in Las Vegas with my 
husband John and cat Ali. We don't really play slot 
machines but we do like to go to shows sometimes.
I created You & Me Dolls in 2011, hope you like them. If 
you want to take one home check out the store.

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