Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chip and Biff

I've heard several times "why don't you make a boy doll?" So thought it would be a fun idea. Here is Chip and Biff, they are twins (not identical) because they came out of the sewing machine on the same day. The guys have "denim pants" and "t-shirts"with a pocket.
You and Me Doll, Chip
Chip likes the outdoors, he'd like to go camping some day.

You and Me Doll, Biff
Biff loves to go to the park on Saturdays and skateboard.

I came home from work yesterday and found them having a pillow fight. It started when Chip tried to grab the $20 bill out of Biff's pocket  (I put it there to show Etsy people they could be a gift holder). Anyway I can see I'm going to have to watch them-

Hi! I’m Diane Eugster. I live in Las Vegas with my
husband John and cat Ali.  We don’t play slot
machines but we do like to go to shows sometimes. 
I created You and Me Dolls in 2011, hope you like them.  If you want to take one home check out my Etsy store in the right column.

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